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Learn from a Master who has spent more than 30 years managing thousands of people and building organizations. I have a specialty in understanding people’s Problems and I provide the best and easy solutions to them. Bring a problem to me, and get a quick solution. I believe that the expansion of your Consciousness can change your destiny. I have learned from more than 200 Seers, Management Gurus, and Entrepreneurs. I am trained by National and International fame Digital Coaches also.

I can help you Transform yourself for sustained Success and Excellence. With my coaching and mentorship approach, your Transformation is guaranteed. Take a quick decision to enroll for my upcoming Free Webinar.

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Author, Mentor & Speaker

A compassionate, people-loving, and caring person; Dr. Ramesh C Raina is fondly known as “r c raina”.He was born in a small village called Chinigund on 18 th May 1964. He grew up among Sufi saints and mystics in the valley of Kashmir India covered by dense Himalayan mountains. The village would remain under heavy snow for five to six months every year.


Conscious Mind can make purposeful decisions. Purposeful decision making leads to perfect action taking. Perfect action taking leads to inclusive success and it leads to Conscious Excellence


Ignorance To Awareness


For many people, lust is a behavioral problem but for ancient Vedic sciences, it is negative and destructive energy responsible for major life-related problems. Lust energy can not be controlled and suppressed but it can be transformed into more positive, constructive, and blissful energy.

The author devised techniques and processes like SIT-MIT, LAAGEE, LACE, SRT, DAD analysis, and finally PAAGE helps in bringing permanent transformation and elevation. You will learn how a human being is connected with cosmic energies and how these energies can be procured for prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind.

By Dr. Ramesh C Raina

Book Reviews

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I really liked this book as this book is meant for everyone irrespective of their age. This will surely help adults and the youth today as it will help them develop positive habits in their lives such that they can transform negativity into positivity.


I liked the various techniques mentioned in the book. I loved the idea of Stories as well as practical experiences and how the different things are connected. Overall, this is a good book to read, spread awareness, and it’s worth sharing with others.


Very unique story. I was impressed by chapter 4 & 5 of the book. Chapter 4 is really invisible devil for human beings and love is a blessful shakti. I appreciate your work and your ideas which you have written in this book. Finally your transformation and elevation techniques are really good one. I request all readers to read this book which is full of human behaviour and their transformation.


A well written book that covers almost all aspects of a human life. Here the Author explains in depth about how the human life has evolved. The Author also speaks in depth about the mind, body, organs, senses, soul, energy points, love, lust etc. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who would like to explore everything about the human life in a materialistic as well as in a Spiritualistic manner.

Deepak Devaraj




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    Spanda means that every person and the whole universe is a conscious energy. Consistently expanding and transforming the “contracted consciousness” helps a person achieve excellence in life.

    Excellence is accomplishing any task with great consciousness and then maintaining that growth consistently.

    Task is an activity that we perform. A student’s task is to pass the examination with flying colours. Task of a professional is to accomplish company goals. Task of a businessman is to grow business with profits. Everyone has his/her defined tasks but not all are able to succeed in life.

    You will become a trained Conscious Digital Coach. You will undergo courses on self Transformation. You will learn digital coaching and will master digital tools and systems.

    Conscious Digital Coaches will teach students from different countries. They will transform people’s lives by making them conscious. Digital coaches will either work with us or can start their own business.

    We have designed the courses in three parts. The Duration of Basic Course “Conscious Excellence Blueprint” is three days. The duration of “Conscious Excellence Challenge” is 90 days and the duration of Conscious “Excellence Mastery” is 180 days.


    Knowledge Bank

    Human beings are born with an intrinsic quality of inquisitiveness. They keep enquiring about life, its obscure facts, and the miracles of the universe. 

    The most important constituent of your body is your brain. This chapter throws light on the brain and its working. The human brain is the data or thought-processing unit of the body. 

    The prerequisite for permanent transformation is a close association with one’s body and brain. It requires microscopic observation of internal as well as external body parts .